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مدیر عامل آبفار مازندران اعلام کرد: سیل آب آشامیدنی 223 روستا در مازندران را قطع كرد 
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Contact Us
(PG - No. 96544-48148) Mazandaran Rural Water and Sewer Company, Refa Ave, Azadi Boulevard, Imam Khomeini square, Sari, Mazandara.

General Specifications

A summary of company' history: 

   By virtue of the provision of the establishing rural water and sewer companies, enacted on December 3, 1995, by the Islamic Republic of Iran's Consultative Assembly, the time Ministry of Jihad-e- Construction is allowed to establish a company in each province in order to preserve, operate, develop and reconstruct, repair and provide the equipments related to preparing rural drinking water including refineries, tanks, control and sanitation systems from the approval date of above-mentioned law. Following the reinforcement of above-mentioned law, Mazandaran Rural Water and Sewer Company was established on March 12, 1998 and began its activities. It should be noted that according to section 2 of Act No. H25638T/18796 (July, 16, 2002) by the Board of Ministers, Rural Water and Sewer Companies are separated from the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture and are related to the Ministry of Power. The company's headquarters is also located in the city of Sari.  

Establishment License:

By virtue of Article 1 of the provision of establishing Rural Water and Sewer companies approved on December 3, 1995 by The Islamic Republic of Iran's Consultative Assembly

Company establishment date:  This Company is established from the beginning of 1998 as a %100 state company and began its operation.

Date and Registration Number: This Company is registered in companies' Registration Office and industrial properties of Sari with No. 3948 on October31, 2001. 

Companies activities based on Association:

To reach the Association' goals, the Company allows to operate the following actions through observing the related rules:

1.       Researching and performing the establishment and development projects related to providing, transmission and distribution of the drinking and healthy water in rural areas.

2.       Researching and performing the projects of sanitation in rural areas (including collection, transmission and purification)

3.       Preserving and operating the equipment related to drinking and healthy water of rural areas such as wells, ponds, refineries, tanks, pumping stations, pipelines, control systems and distribution networks.

4.       Preserving and operating the public equipments of rural sanitation such as pipelines, collection network and refineries

5.       Repairing, restructuring and developing the networks and the equipments of drinking water and public equipments of sanitation of rural areas and protecting them

6.       Supplying drinking water in rural networks according to approved standards and based on applications and approvals of Ministry of Power

7.       Operation and facility management related to the company' tasks

8.       Obtaining any loans and financial facilities from internal and external resources, supplying inner partnership bonds and pre-selling the branches and other financing methods with the permission of the authorities concerned.

9.       Purchasing services from private section to perform the research, implementation, operation and maintenance the equipments of rural water and sewer and participants services to reduce the costs, increase the operation and enhance the level of services.

10.   Performing needed facilities to develop the participation of private section in performing the functions of rural water and sewer

11.   Cooperating with relevant institutions in research and evaluating for scientific, technical and economical development in functions related to the purposes and the tasks of company.

12.   Performing any operations and transactions which are needed and are related to the purposes of company and are good for company

Note: The Company does not allow to establish a company or to investigate in other companies (continued in the next page).

The range of Company' activity (Geographical)
Mazandaran province has an area about 23756/4 Km2, 2977 villages and towns and 420508 inhabitants or more than 1395427 populations which limited to Caspian sea from the north, Tehran and Semnan provinces from the south, Gilan province from the west and Golestan province from the east. According to the census in 2011, among total population of Mazandaran province (3073941 individuals), around 45.4 percent are regularly living in rural areas and if we add the floating and seasonal populations during several times of a year into the fixed population, it can be concluded that around 50 percent of province' population are somehow living in the villages. Also, at the moment, Mazandaran province has 21 counties namely Galouga, Behshahr, Neka, Miandoroud, Sari, Qaemshahr, Joibar, Simorgh, North and South Savadkoh, Babol, Babolsar, Feridounkenar, Amol, Mahmoudabad, Noor, Noshahr, Chalous, Abas Abad, Tonekabon and Ramsar which Galouga county is its east limit and Ramsar is its west limit. The center of Mazandaran Rural Water and Sewer Company is placed in Sari and 15 offices are located in province' counties and are engaged in their duties. 

Connection With Commpani Executives

Engineer Majid Abdollahi

Director Mazandaran Rural Water and Sewer Company

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